Welcome to Inventors Haven

This organization is purposed as a project incubator to help aspiring ingenious inventors type individuals to imagine, design, build and market new inventions that are high-tech and revolutionary. Although, understand that Inventors Haven is NOT the ordinary maker space for lots of novice hobbyist's. We are only interested in serious makers who have serious potential. Those who don't waste our time and resources on go nowhere ideas and nonsense that has no future. We seek those who have given serious thought to what they want, and what they are willing to go thru, or do to make it happen.

  • Have you ever run across a youthful person or even an older person who seems ever to dream about creating things. They constantly draw out 2D or 3D schematics or drawings of their ideas to show others, or even just for themselves? They have an insatiable desire to create something... such as robots or copters or some such thing? You find that they push themselves to excel in what ever they do in creative ways... and they don't rely on others to remind them about their purpose. These are those who we call makers even if they are not fully developed in their abilities. Those Makers who push themselves to study, they have a unique mind, and they remember what they dream, see or experience. Makers are dreamers, and they are also doers, but they operate differently than the normal person. We at Inventors Haven are looking for those Maker people who have creativeness written onto them from a genetic level. We think these people are "ingenious", or at least have potential ingeniousness. These are the kinds of youths and other people we seek to be a part of our Inventors Haven project to help develop their creative abilities. And to help to provide the tools necessary for them to expand their horizons in creativeness and their ability to build what they imagine, to follow through with and complete what they start.

It is our expressed mission to find and assist youthful people where it is apparent they have an ingenious and inventive mind, to understand and know how to use the various equipment and tools and otherwise enable those individuals to create new inventions which will enrich mankind the world over. We expect to be a big part of making our future a better place for all of us, and to help keep us from many of the perils from thoughtless people who are ruining our environment, which is our home, and our future children's home.

The future belongs to those makers who create!

As this project progresses we expect very soon to develop a curriculum to teach the basics of Dream Imagineering, Manual and CNC Machining, Workshop Safety, Basic Equipment and Shop Maintenance skills and tasks, along with 2D and 3D Computer CAD and CAM for developing machine code along with writing G Code. These skills will enable our students to be able to make metal or plastic parts, or parts from many other materials using manual or computer controlled milling machines or lathes, or even 3D printing. Additionally it will be necessary to instruct on basic and advanced math as it is applied to design and machining. As we find or develop additional professionals to work with, we will add new curriculum, a computer lab with advanced software, and instructors for many other technologies that goes along with development of broad based inventing skills.

  • With this knowledge, most any ingenious inventors will have most if not all of the basic tools needed to imagine, design, build and manufacture their inventions. Then we will all work together to help each other manufacture and market the inventions that we as an elite team create.

With this in mind, I look forward to meeting new makers who have ingenious qualities and capabilities. You know who you are. Come join with us to make this world a better and more interesting place to be.

Leslie Allen, founder